Senior Core Training
Weighted vests have become a popular choice for those seeking to increase muscle mass and improve overall weight management. Not only can a weighted vest help you lose weight, it can offer some of the best resistance training available.

Weight Vest Studies for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
In 2000, Janet Shaw did a long-term study at Oregon State University. She found that postmenopausal women who participate in a long-term fitness regimen that includes jumping and "resistance" exercises using weighted vests can prevent significant bone loss in the hip.
Another study was written up in the Biological Research for Nursing newsletter in 2003. Eighteen women over 60 were randomly assigned to an exercise group wearing a weight vest and doing strength training for one hour three times a week, or to a control group that did nothing. The weight vest group had significant changes in bone density and in weight loss in 32 weeks.

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